Online Service Management

Our user-friendly R&S®Online Service Management helps you save time by managing your instruments and service cases. It goes along with benefits from numerous service management functions.

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Service Order Tracking

You need details about the state of your service at Rohde & Schwarz? Use the Service Order Tracking tool to have full transparency.

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Warranty Extension

Long-lived, high-ended products and a very dependable service: with R&S®Extended Warranty you have full cost control and the security of manufacturer service to get the best performance in your core business.

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Standard Price Repair

Our products are among the most reliable on the market. But if they ever need to be repaired, a smooth handling is required. That’s why Rohde & Schwarz offers a standard price repair option with an intelligent comprehensive solution featuring fixed prices.

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Service Level Agreement

We service our instruments long beyond the time most manufacturers service theirs. With our service level agreements you contract the support that meet your specific business and technical needs.

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Support for System Integrators & Self-Maintainers

Support for System Integrators & Self-MaintainersAs a service partner ofRohde & Schwarz, you are able to service your Rohde & Schwarz airborne transceivers on your own. The scope of services is tailored to your requirements and expectations.

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Obsolescence Management

R&S®Obsolescence Management ensures optimal support when it comes to the long-term quality and availability of your systems and products.

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Multivendor Service

Rohde & Schwarz provides one-stop service and top-quality standards for servicing electronic T&M equipment from other manufacturers.

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Customized Solution Required?

Rohde & Schwarz experts will work on a tailor-made solution to meet your needs. You can mix and match our services according to your technical and budgetary requirements.

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Service Request

Service from the start – higher efficiency, smooth handling and greater visibility through on-line tracking.

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